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Temperature Range Options


Depending on the application and the operating environment, different LC fluids and polarizer materials are used to provide the best performance and reliability in that environment.  Nan Ya character modules and graphics modules (with pixel formats up to 320x240) are available in two performance grades.

Standard temperature range LCD modules (Operating: 0C to +50C / Storage: -20C to +70C) are intended for normal office, laboratory and factory environments.

Wide temperature range LCD modules (Operating: -20C to +70C / Storage: -30C to +80C) are intended for outdoor applications and other environments subject to unregulated or extreme temperatures.

Historically, wide temperature range character modules have required an additional -5Vdc supply.  However, Nan Ya has developed special low voltage LC fluids which allow wide temperature range operation with only a single +5Vdc supply.  This option is available for all character modules.

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