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Polarizer Options


LCDs are constructed with polarizer films on their front and rear surfaces to modulate the light rays passing through the liquid crystal layer.  Depending on the intended application and ambient lighting conditions, different types of polarizers are used on the rear surface of the LCD panel. The following polarizer options are available for Nan Ya LCD modules:

Reflective - Reflective polarizers are used in high ambient light environments or in applications where sufficient power is not available to drive a backlight.

Transflective - LCDs with transflective polarizers have both reflecting and transmitting properties and offer the most versatile viewing characteristics.  Transflective LCDs can be viewed in direct sunlight and, when combined with a backlight, in low light conditions.

Transmissive - Transmissive LCDs always require a backlight and provide the highest brightness display.  They are best suited for applications where direct sunlight viewing is not involved.

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